Our Team

Our Team

Best Practice Consulting has 11 highly experienced team members based in three states (ACT, VIC and NSW).

Our team members are all qualified, motivated professionals with backgrounds in human resources management, education and training, leadership, public service management, business management and organisational development.

Each of our consultants, trainers, facilitators and coaches has a proven track record of achieving quality outcomes for our clients.

  • Andrew Lawson

    Andrew Lawson

    Director and Principal Consultant, Facilitator and Coach•   Canberra, ACT

    Andrew is the Founding Director of Best Practice Consulting and has vast experience in consulting, learning and development, team building and coaching. He has worked extensively with federal and state government agencies and large private sector clients for over a decade. In this time, he has worked with many senior leadership teams to build purpose and unity, and embed organisational culture. Andrew is an excellent facilitator, trainer and consultant, dedicated to bringing results through tailored approaches. He possesses high level analytical skills and is known for being people focused and clear in his communication. Andrew is highly sought after for his facilitation and advisory skills with senior leadership teams, intact work teams and individuals.

  • Vicky Jones

    Vicky Jones

    Principal Consultant, Facilitator and Coach•   Sydney, NSW

    Vicky is an experienced coach, facilitator and key-note speaker. Vicky has developed and delivered numerous successful training programs on team effectiveness, sales, leadership, communication and personal branding. Vicky uses advanced coaching strategies to assist her clients to develop a deeper level of self-awareness to shift their mindset for improved overall performance. Using world class tools and standards recognised by the International Coach Guild and International Coach Federation, Vicky assist her clients move forwards with clarity and purpose. Vicky is a full-engagement teacher and guide; after being in a room with her, she is sure to leave individuals feeling energised and inspired to put their new learning and knowledge into practice.

  • Alicia Jarrett

    Alicia Jarrett

    Principal Consultant, Trainer & Facilitator, HR specialist and Executive Coach•   Melbourne, VIC

    With 20 years working across a broad range of industries, Alicia brings an enormous depth of experience in facilitation, training, coaching and HR. She has assisted many leaders to be more effective in managing today’s business challenges, and is experienced in assisting clients in their personal effectiveness and career development.  Through her strong interpersonal qualities she is able to work effectively with people and to assist them in gaining the confidence and tools that lead them to success.

  • Donna Moulds

    Donna Moulds

    Facilitator, Trainer and Coach•   Canberra, ACT

    Over 15 years experience in Vocational Education and Training , Key Note Speaking and Blogging. Donna has changed lives and provided incredible employability opportunities in both the public and private sector. Donna has been able to offer programs and contextualise the delivery for Long Term Unemployed, Indigenous learners and learners with various learning barriers through her programs. Highly skilled in the ability to facilitate learning through an integrated approach of adult learning principles and NLP strategies to ensure the best outcomes possible for all participants. Specialties: Leadership, People Management, Training & Assessment, RTO Compliance and Management, Personal and Professional Development, Keynote Speaker, Speaker on Resilience, Critical Thinking, Strategic Planning, Overcoming Adversity. Resilience, transformation, implementation and growth, are a cocktail mix for life.

  • Jane Boardman

    Jane Boardman

    Executive Coach, Trainer & Facilitator•   Canberra, ACT

    Jane is a highly experienced and regarded coach of senior managers. She has extensive experience at the Senior Executive Service (SES) level, across 25 Government Departments in the APS, and at CEO level in the private sector. She has a strong commitment to improving workplaces and to developing emerging leaders in a way that emphasises their strengths and builds on areas of potential improvement. She helps leaders to find their most appropriate career paths. Jane is on the faculty of CoachU – one of the largest coach training organisations in the world.

  • David Campbell

    David Campbell

    Executive Coach, Trainer & Facilitator•   Canberra, ACT

    David is an exceptionally experienced executive coach and a certified member of the John Maxwell Coaching organisation, one of the world’s foremost specialists on leadership and management. He has extensive coaching, training and facilitation experience across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. He understands the changing requirements and time frames within the business environment and has considerable experience in leading, managing and coaching geographically dispersed (remote) teams. He has over 20 years coaching experience as a member of the Australian Defence Force and a further 16 years in operational and support management within both the public and private sectors.

  • Warren Kennaugh

    Warren Kennaugh

    Executive Coach, Trainer & Facilitator•   Sydney, NSW

    Warren is a behavioural strategist specialising in the development of executive capability. Within his role he is responsible for the design, assessment and implementation of development programs for senior executives in public sector and large private sector organisations. Prior to starting his career in coaching, consulting and facilitation, Warren held senior positions in Training and Development and Sales Innovation and Development with major organisations. He also has extensive experience working in change management, and training and facilitation roles, specialising in positive psychology, resilience and team building. He is a profiling consultant to the Australian and New South Wales Rugby Unions, the Australian Cricketers Association, all of Australia’s State Sheffield Shield squads and players on the PGA Tour.

  • Marc McLaren

    Marc McLaren

    Senior Consultant, Trainer & Facilitator•   Sydney, NSW

    Marc is recognised as a leading thinker in organisational development through strategic business planning. He also specialises in coaching leaders to improve their effectiveness as managers. He trains teams to review and improve their procedures, and helps organisations in change management. He has worked across a broad range of situations including government, mining, heavy industry, infrastructure and not-for-profit organisations. Marc’s extensive experience has led to a sound understanding of the complex interplay between individual, organisational and operational issues. He has enabled many organisations to achieve their strategic objectives and operational excellence, and to build organisational effectiveness in leadership.

  • Jenny McKay

    Jenny McKay

    Executive Coach•   Melbourne, VIC

    Prior to becoming an executive coach, Jenny worked as a Senior Manager in Psychological Services for a major recruitment and human capital management organisation. She is an experienced coach who has delivered a wide range of management and leadership coaching services for large private sector and government clients.  She has also worked extensively as an organisational and counselling psychologist, and assists individuals to improve goal clarity, communication skills, leadership capability, problem solving capacity and strategic thinking. Jenny is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and the International Coaching Federation.

  • Pete Jensen

    Pete Jensen

    Experiential Learning Specialist, Facilitator & Trainer•   Melbourne, VIC

    Pete is a dynamic facilitator and organisational strategist with a unique combination of skills in capacity building, change management and leadership development. He has worked with a number of high-powered companies that are undergoing dynamic transformation in change management. He has also assisted teams in the government sector, enabling their collaboration, moving them to high performance and aligning them with organisational purpose. He is also passionate about developing individuals holistically to enhance their personal mastery and relationship skills.

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  • Excellent Bite Size workshop led by a very experienced and knowledgeable facilitator.
    Naomi - Workwear Group New Zealand
  • From having differing ideas about our goals, we have grown to a cohesive and motivated team with a shared vision.
    Branch Manager - Australian Public Service
  • The condensed (Bite Size) course gets right to the point. The handouts are like a ‘cheat sheet’ for quick reference rather than volumes of stuff to trawl through.
    Senior Manager - Australian Public Service
  • You were really able to comprehend and understand what we needed and bring it to life – thank you!
    Senior Manager - Lifeline National Office
  • The coaching experience was revealing, confronting yet inspiring and enlightening.
    Naval Commodore and Director General - Defence Materiel Organisation
  • I'm really enjoying the present and looking forward to the future, equipped with incredibly valuable tools.
    Senior Executive Manager - Australian Public Service
  • Big learnings from the Bite Size workshops. Loved the content and length of the sessions. Would highly recommend.
    Manager - Workwear Group
  • After our consultation, we achieved a 78% increase in revenue the following year and a 54% increase the year after.
    Andrea Culligan - Managing Director of Unimail