DiSC Behavioural Profiles

DiSC Profiles and Training: The Key to a More Effective Team

Teamwork is at the core of organisational effectiveness. But, how well do you know your team? And how well, do they know each other?

Your team brings a wide range of skills and knowledge to the table. Understanding is the key to leveraging those skills and developing strong working relationships that in turn drive the success of your organisation.

Without understanding, teams can quickly get caught up in issues of poor communication, internal conflict, lack of engagement and difficulty making decisions.

Now, imagine if you could give them a tool to decode not only their own strengths but the strengths of their teammates, unlocking new levels of engagement and collaboration.

Active the Power of Your Team with DiSC Profiles

With DiSC Profile Assessments and DiSC Training, your team can uncover fresh new insights into their work behaviours and strengths.

Individually, staff will learn new ways to put their unique skills and strengths to work.

Together, they’ll have the tools to focus on creating the momentum that drives your organisation forward.

Cultivate productivity, communication and performance with the suite of DiSC assessments and DiSC workshops from Best Practice Consulting.

What is DiSC?

DiSC is an easy to use, research-validated tool for understanding why people behave the way they do. Using the DiSC model, you’ll gain personalised insights into how to improve teamwork, communication and performance. 

Every year, over 2 million people use DiSC profiles and DiSC assessments to discover how to connect and effectively work together.

What are the 4 main DiSC Styles?

The DiSC model describes four main behavioural styles: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. 

There is no right or wrong DiSC style - each style is valuable and can contribute to the workplace in a unique way.

Identifying your DiSC style and learning the DiSC styles of others at work is a simple and powerful way to improve on-the-job performance.

Can DiSC workshops be run virtually?

We use virtual DiSC training and workshops for many clients. We run DiSC personality tests and workshops across Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific.

Why Best Practice Consulting?

Our experienced facilitators have been delivering successful outcomes using DiSC profiles and DiSC assessments for over 18 years. We're accredited by the world's leading DiSC provider and we utilise the latest research and online testing tools, so you know you’re getting high-quality, reliable information to guide your personal and team development. 

How can you use DiSC personality tests and DiSC training in your workplace?

Based on your needs, choose from the following research-validated DiSC profiles:

(1) The DiSC Workplace Profile - A 20 page report with insights into your DiSC style, how you work with others and strategies to increase your effectiveness both individually and in a team setting. Great for staff at all levels in the organisation. Download a sample Workplace Profile here.

(2) The DiSC Comparison Reports - Compare and analyse the DiSC styles of any two participants with a focus on identifying specific strategies for working together more effectively. Download a sample Comparison Report here.

(3) The DiSC Group Culture Report - Determine your team’s DiSC culture and learn how to leverage strengths for optimal group functioning. Download a sample Group Culture Report here and download a sample Team Poster here.

We also create customised DiSC training and team building workshops to help your team interpret their DiSC profile and DiSC assessment findings and learn about individual strengths, limitations, motivations and stressors. Based on this foundation, teams learn how to connect, communicate and work together more effectively. DiSC profiles and DiSC workshops are also a great way to introduce behaviours into a discussion on team culture. 

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  • A very enjoyable online session! I felt engaged with the material and enjoyed the variety activities. The use of humour was great! Thanks heaps!
    Online Participant - APS Supervisor
  • Excellent Bite Size workshop led by a very experienced and knowledgeable facilitator.
    Naomi - Workwear Group New Zealand
  • From having differing ideas about our goals, we have grown to a cohesive and motivated team with a shared vision.
    Branch Manager - Australian Public Service
  • The condensed bite sized course gets right to the point. The handouts are like a ‘cheat sheet’ for quick reference rather than volumes of stuff to trawl through.
    Senior Manager - Australian Public Service
  • You were really able to comprehend and understand what we needed and bring it to life – thank you!
    Senior Manager - Lifeline National Office
  • The coaching experience was revealing, confronting yet inspiring and enlightening.
    Naval Commodore and Director General - Defence Materiel Organisation
  • I'm really enjoying the present and looking forward to the future, equipped with incredibly valuable tools.
    Senior Executive Manager - Australian Public Service
  • Big learnings from the Bite Size workshops. Loved the content and length of the sessions. Would highly recommend.
    Manager - Workwear Group
  • After our consultation, we achieved a 78% increase in revenue the following year and a 54% increase the year after.
    Andrea Culligan - Managing Director of Unimail