Executive Coaching

Executive and Career Coaching: Your Key to Success

At Best Practice Consulting, we are working to bring out the best in leaders and managers.

Even the best leaders know there is always room for growth. Whether you’re a new manager or a seasoned executive, new challenges, competing demands and shifting priorities require you to be at the top of your game every day.

How can Executive or Business Coaching help? 

Executive Coaching is designed to help high performers implement positive changes in areas like:

  • Work performance;
  • Leadership effectiveness;
  • Job satisfaction; and
  • Career success. 

Who is coaching for?

In today’s world, the most successful people prioritise learning and development. Whether you are a new manager or experienced executive, you recognise the importance of continuous growth. Executive coaching is for all managers, leaders, and executives who aspire to be more effective and are ready to take action to reach their full potential. 

Build Your Leadership Toolbox

Coaching is your space for reflection, planning, learning and working on your objectives. Throughout coaching, we work with you to strategically build up your toolbox, so that you are equipped to achieve.

One-on-one coaching

In one-on-one coaching, we use a flexible, tailored approach to address your specific needs in the context of your organisation.

Typical objectives include:

  • Leveraging strengths; 
  • Developing leadership capabilities; 
  • Increasing self-awareness; 
  • Career pathway planning; and 
  • Application and interview preparation.

One-on-one business coaching can be delivered in-person or online. Meet our coaches.

Group coaching

In group coaching, we focus on team dynamics, examining how each individual contributes to the larger group and how individual strengths can be leveraged to create a stronger, more effective team.

Typical objectives include:

  • Improved communication and understanding; 
  • More effective teamwork; and 
  • An environment that fosters trust and high performance.

Group coaching is best delivered in-person and in some circumstances in can be delivered online.

Growth that fits your needs

We know you’re busy. That’s why we follow a focused, results-driven process. From start to finish, we work with you to identify strategies that are tailor-made to fit your specific needs.

Executive or career coaching typically last 60 to 90 minutes and sessions are held fortnightly or monthly.

Ready to discover your true potential?

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  • A very enjoyable online session! I felt engaged with the material and enjoyed the variety activities. The use of humour was great! Thanks heaps!
    Online Participant - APS Supervisor
  • Excellent Bite Size workshop led by a very experienced and knowledgeable facilitator.
    Naomi - Workwear Group New Zealand
  • From having differing ideas about our goals, we have grown to a cohesive and motivated team with a shared vision.
    Branch Manager - Australian Public Service
  • The condensed bite sized course gets right to the point. The handouts are like a ‘cheat sheet’ for quick reference rather than volumes of stuff to trawl through.
    Senior Manager - Australian Public Service
  • You were really able to comprehend and understand what we needed and bring it to life – thank you!
    Senior Manager - Lifeline National Office
  • The coaching experience was revealing, confronting yet inspiring and enlightening.
    Naval Commodore and Director General - Defence Materiel Organisation
  • I'm really enjoying the present and looking forward to the future, equipped with incredibly valuable tools.
    Senior Executive Manager - Australian Public Service
  • Big learnings from the Bite Size workshops. Loved the content and length of the sessions. Would highly recommend.
    Manager - Workwear Group
  • After our consultation, we achieved a 78% increase in revenue the following year and a 54% increase the year after.
    Andrea Culligan - Managing Director of Unimail