Customised Learning Edge

The Customised Learning Edge

We design and facilitate customised leadership training courses, change management training and feedback training courses in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne. Through our Customised Learning Edge we help clients improve their skills and  performance in these areas. 

Ever sat through a long training session, only to walk away tired and bored, with zero actionable takeaways? Maybe you’ve found yourself a week later, unable to recall anything from the session. 

This might leave you with the question: Is training really worth it? 

Statistics show that professional development is a key factor in employee engagement, satisfaction and retention. A startling 74% of employees fail to reach their full potential due to a lack of professional development opportunities, leaving one of your largest resources - human potential - largely untapped.

At the same time, other resources like time and money are more limited than ever. You face new challenges in the workplace every day, oftentimes having to do more with less…less time, smaller budgets, fewer employees. 

The bottom line: it’s business-critical to retain the best employees and fully develop their skills. That's where we come in!

Make the most of your training budget and staff time with the Customised Learning Edge from Best Practice Consulting. We focus on three areas: leadership training courses, change management training and feedback training courses.

This isn’t one-size-fits-all training. Customised Learning is tailored to your team.

  • Are there specific skills your team needs to brush up on?
  • Scenarios they need to work through?
  • New competencies to master?

Whatever the need, the Best Practice team crafts customised learning sessions, integrating content that is on point for your organisation.

The result: highly relevant, engaging, and effective learning programs, so your team returns to work with skills and insights they can put to use immediately.

Your team gets what they need, when they need it.

No fluff.
No filler.
No waste.

Just the Customised Learning Edge your staff needs to succeed.

The AGES Advantage

Our Customised Learning programs are built on a time-tested, scientifically-backed learning model called AGES.

Research suggests that the AGES model maximises learning and facilitates faster breakthroughs through four key elements: Attention, Generation, Emotion and Spacing.

The Customised Learning Edge draws on the AGES elements to create an optimal learning experience for your team.

Attention: When we use real-life examples, we capture and keep the learner’s attention.
Generation: Learners connect new information to existing knowledge more effectively when learning through scenarios derived from their real-life work.
Emotion: Activating positive emotions through personalied content and delivery enhances memory recall.
: Time between sessions allows staff to implement new information in the workplace and encode it in long-term memory.

Is the Customised Learning Edge the right fit for your team?

At Best Practice Consulting, we provide training in areas that are critical for success in today’s business world, including:

  • Leadership training courses
  • Change management training
  • Feedback training courses
We design and facilitate customised learning workshops in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne. Give your staff the tools they need to succeed with the Customised Learning Edge.

Examples of recent Customised Learning Edge projects

  • For Comcare we designed and delivered a multi-session cultural Leadership Development Program. These half-day workshops were delivered over a 12-month period to all SES, EL2, EL1 and APS6 staff (about 200 people in year 1 and another 200 staff in year 2). We have also build and run other customised learning sessions for Comcare on Coaching and Developing Others, Leading Teams and Mentoring
  • For Defence Housing Australia (DHA) we developed and facilitated an Australia-wide roll-out of two change management training courses. The “Leading Change and Uncertainty” course was delivered to all supervisors and managers, and was supported by a Managers Toolkit including resources such as checklists, fact sheets, models, tools and templates for leading change. The “Thriving in Times of Change” course was delivered to all other staff within DHA. In total approximately 550 people attended the courses over an 18-month period. We have also build and delivered other customised learning workshops for DHA on Coaching Skills for Supervisors, Mastering Feedback, Emotional Intelligence at Work, Managerial Influencing Skills, Negotiation Skills and Performance Management.  
  • For the Department of Finance we designed and delivered an EL2 Leadership Program called "Guiding and Developing your People". This program focussed on raising awareness and skills of managers so that they were better equipped to take responsibility for staff development. The benefits of this include: greater staff engagement, motivation, teamwork and career opportunities. We have also created and facilitated other customised programs for the Department of Finance including: Enabling High Performance, Coaching Conversations, Managing Staff across Functions Roles and Tasks and Time Management.
  • For the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet we developed and facilitated a range of customised short courses on Agility and Flexibility, Coaching, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Mentoring, Leadership and Performance. We customised and delivered many sessions of the APS Core Skills Programme on Performance Management

Questions? Ready to book? We’re here to help...Getting started is easy

  • Contact us to discuss your learning needs and we’ll craft a program that’s just right for your team.
  • Set the dates, times and venue - we are happy to come to your office.
  • Gather your team - maximum 15 people per session for optimal learning.

Download the Customised Learning Edge brochure here. For more information about our leadership training courses, change management training and feedback training courses, please contact us or phone us today.

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  • Excellent Bite Size workshop led by a very experienced and knowledgeable facilitator.
    Naomi - Workwear Group New Zealand
  • From having differing ideas about our goals, we have grown to a cohesive and motivated team with a shared vision.
    Branch Manager - Australian Public Service
  • The condensed (Bite Size) course gets right to the point. The handouts are like a ‘cheat sheet’ for quick reference rather than volumes of stuff to trawl through.
    Senior Manager - Australian Public Service
  • You were really able to comprehend and understand what we needed and bring it to life – thank you!
    Senior Manager - Lifeline National Office
  • The coaching experience was revealing, confronting yet inspiring and enlightening.
    Naval Commodore and Director General - Defence Materiel Organisation
  • I'm really enjoying the present and looking forward to the future, equipped with incredibly valuable tools.
    Senior Executive Manager - Australian Public Service
  • Big learnings from the Bite Size workshops. Loved the content and length of the sessions. Would highly recommend.
    Manager - Workwear Group
  • After our consultation, we achieved a 78% increase in revenue the following year and a 54% increase the year after.
    Andrea Culligan - Managing Director of Unimail