Workshop facilitation

Professional facilitation of workshops and group events

We facilitate planning days, team building sessions, senior executive meetings and group events in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, and elsewhere throughout Australia.

Through our expert workshop and meeting facilitation, we help clients:

  • Understand and analyse problems
  • Develop effective solutions
  • Navigate change
  • Build cohesive and effective teams
  • Deliver upon commitments

Getting the right people together at right time to discuss important matters is a challenge in most organisations. Why? There seems to be a never-ending time and deadline demands. So, when groups do meet…it is critical that workshop facilitation is creative, engaging and effective. That's where we can help!

Our team can facilitate:

  • Corporate planning sessions
  • Team planning days
  • Team building sessions
  • Quarterly senior executive meetings
  • Executive retreats
  • Change management initiatives
  • Leadership development programs
  • Focus groups
  • Stakeholder engagement sessions
We have facilitators located in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne to help with your next event.

Here is a testimonial from a recent client:

“I want to commend you on your first rate workshop facilitation skills. The workshop had some tricky dynamics given the stakeholders in the room. From the outset you encouraged all participants to engage positively and respectfully in the process, and as they did we created an amazing plan. Several participants shared with me that it was the best process that have ever been part of whilst they have been in the department. Thank you for all your great work.” Senior Manager – Australian Government

Examples of recent workshop facilitation projects

Client: Services Australia
Objective: Build a cohesive leadership team for the Division.
Approach: Used the team effectiveness survey to benchmark current performance and provide an evidence based for change. then held a two-day SES and EL2 Leadership Conference in Canberra. Managers were from all capital cities in Australia. The workshop explored the results of the team effectiveness survey, DiSC behavioural preferences and action planning on key themes such as trust, commitment and accountability. This was follow-up with work within some of the branches and monthly meetings with the SES team. 

Client: Comcare
Objective: Assist in the delivery of a cultural change initiative.
(1) Provided quarterly group coaching and facilitation sessions to the SES team to help plan for and drive a cultural change initiative. These sessions continued every quarter to review performance and continue to set strategy.
(2) Worked with the CEO and COO to design, develop and facilitate a focus group program to road test the cultural change initiative. Included a findings and recommendations report from the focus group discussions.
(3) The cultural pillars were then finalised using feedback from the focus groups at another facilitated planning day with the SES and EL team.
(4) The cultural pillars where then embedded through the organisation through Corporate and Group Business Plans, Performance Development Agreements and a cultural leadership program. This cultural leadership program (which was a series of modules over 12-months) was delivered to all SES, EL2, EL1 and APS6 staff (approximately 200 people in year 1 and another 200 staff in year 2). 

Why do our clients choose us to facilitate their workshops and meetings? 

  • We take the time to understand our clients’ needs and incorporate these into our approach to ensure we deliver a great workshop experience;
  • We use world class facilitation processes, methods and technology to enable participants to think and contribute more effectively during the session, resulting in a more meaningful discussions; and
  • Our experienced facilitators use proven practices to improve the engagement and commitment of the workshop participants, which in turn maximises workshop outcomes.

To find out more about how workshop facilitation can help your team, please contact us now.

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  • A very enjoyable online session! I felt engaged with the material and enjoyed the variety activities. The use of humour was great! Thanks heaps!
    Online Participant - APS Supervisor
  • Excellent Bite Size workshop led by a very experienced and knowledgeable facilitator.
    Naomi - Workwear Group New Zealand
  • From having differing ideas about our goals, we have grown to a cohesive and motivated team with a shared vision.
    Branch Manager - Australian Public Service
  • The condensed bite sized course gets right to the point. The handouts are like a ‘cheat sheet’ for quick reference rather than volumes of stuff to trawl through.
    Senior Manager - Australian Public Service
  • You were really able to comprehend and understand what we needed and bring it to life – thank you!
    Senior Manager - Lifeline National Office
  • The coaching experience was revealing, confronting yet inspiring and enlightening.
    Naval Commodore and Director General - Defence Materiel Organisation
  • I'm really enjoying the present and looking forward to the future, equipped with incredibly valuable tools.
    Senior Executive Manager - Australian Public Service
  • Big learnings from the Bite Size workshops. Loved the content and length of the sessions. Would highly recommend.
    Manager - Workwear Group
  • After our consultation, we achieved a 78% increase in revenue the following year and a 54% increase the year after.
    Andrea Culligan - Managing Director of Unimail